NeuroRhinology Fellowship

Dr. Eugene Chang and Dr. Chris Le lead the Division of Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery. Adjunct faculty members include Dr. Michael Avery (Neurosurgery), Dr. Tara Carr (Allegry/Immunology), Dr. Puneet Shroff (Allergy/Immunology), and Dr. Nora Odisho (Allergy/Immunology). The one-year fellowship offers tremendous opportunities in the clinical and surgical management of complex inflammatory sinus disease, benign and malignant tumor surgery, and anterior skull base trauma with endoscopic and open skull base approaches. We are a tertiary specialty center with a statewide referral base, and our caseload is over 300 cases per year. In the majority of these cases, the fellow will be the primary surgeon due to the high ratio of faculty: residents in our program. Dr. Chang was on faculty at the University of Iowa for five years, and is one of the few NIH-funded surgeon scientists in Otolaryngology. Dr. Le trained at UC Davis for residency and joined the University of Arizona after fellowship. Both faculty stresses the importance of mentorship, and every effort will be made to maximize the fellow’s educational experience.

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